Nick Backstrom Days of Stanley Cup

June 7, Nicklas Backstrom took the Stanley Cup from the hands of Alex Ovechkin and held it over his head for the first time. On August 10 he again lifted the shiny trophy, this time in his homeland of Sweden.

Even before Nicky began the celebrations with the Cup, he was busy meeting fans around Gavle, where his family lives and he learned a love for the sport of hockey. Fans were excited just to meet their hometown legend.

And then the Cup arrived and all that changed! Backstrom accepted the Cup into his home on August 10 and had some personal time posing for photos around Gavle, his home on the Baltic Sea.

Teammate Christian Djoos joined him later and the two began their Stanley Cup travels together. (More on Djoos) According to Washington Post reporter Isabelle Khurshudyan, the two families share a long hockey association. Christian’s father, Per, played for Club Brynas at the time Nick’s dad Andres was their general manager. Djoos grew up watching Nick become the player he himself has become. And both Capitals played for Brynas.

It seemed fitting that they would celebrate with the town of Gavle and the Hockey clubs together! The two local boys who returned as champions met fans a the Gavlerinken Arenda. The two were praised for their achievement and celebrated like the hockey legends they have become.

Come Sunday the Cup returned to Backy to tour the community and take his personal walk down memory lane. He visited his old elementary school and the home that was less then a mile from the rink in Valbo, Sweden.

It was back to the ice after his neighborhood tour – this time to Nickback Arena. This is where Backstrom has made a lasting mark on the community in a practical way.

Backstrom, his family, and close friends made a very special time of their day. First there was a one-of-a-kind breakfast! Nick and girlfriend Liza Berg and their two children Vince and Haley power-boated out from their backyard to the Baltic for some memorable photos. Oh and a little bit of cleaning the breakfast dishes before the day could start!

And then it was PARTY TIME. There were more special moments with family – especially with the champs grandmother. Nick’s coach Andreas Öhgren finally caught up with the superstar after he spent the day running a youth sports camp. Added to the mix was Elias Lindholm of the Flames! They partied into the early morning- video compliments of Andreas!

Alas, it was time to say “good night.” For now it is on to Germany with former goaltender Philipp Grubauer!

Yes, we laughed and cried just a little! Back-To-Back!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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