A Swede Moment for Andre Burakovsky with Lord Stanley

Wednesday night Andre Burakovsky was in Copenhagen with teammate Lars Eller–eyeballing the Stanley Cup as Lars celebration wound down. Burky, who skated in 13 playoff games and scored two goals with an additional four assists, finally received the Stanley Cup at  his home in Malmö, Sweden. It was Lord Stanley’s first visit to Malmö!

Malmö is where Andre grew up. Although he was born in Austria, Sweden is home to the Burakovsky family. His father Robert once played for the Ottawa Senators, which makes bringing the Stanley Cup home a even more special accomplishment for the family.

Andre watched as the Cup was lifted from its protective case, smiling a tentative smile before reaching out and taking it into his own hands. He let out a boyish laugh of delight as he walked back to his parents Robert and Pernilla’s Bunkeflostrand home asking if everyone was “ready to have a good day?” He sure was!

After some time in the backyard with friends and family, he and the shiny cup stepped into an equally shiny Audi convertible (yes, like Kempy the Cup wore a seatbelt) and made his way to Limhamn where he skated for the Limhamn youth hockey and later for the Malmö Redhawks before the Capitals drafted him in 2013.

On stage, he was greeted by cheering crowds Limhamn as they welcomed the local hockey player and his friend to the place where it began.

Fans began lining up early outside Limhamn Ice Hall for their 30 seconds with Burky and his pal. He rode into the staging area with fellow Swedish and Calgary Flames hockey player Rasmus Andersson. Andersson also played for the RedHawks.

There was one more stop in town…perhaps to convince Andre to upgrade the car he takes back to the US as a Stanley Cup Champion??

The afternoon wound down as Burakovsky and his entourage enjoyed a meal high above the city. And as it grew dark, the private party went into high gear. Team mate Jakub Vrana    returned the favor of a Cup party visit as Burky did to him. Oh, and yes there was the obligatory “cup stand,” which mate Tom Wilson had something to say about…

In the end, it is always about family and for this Swedish family of hockey players, the time was particularity satisfying.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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