Sunday is Tom Wilson Day

Sunday Tom Wilson will bring the Stanley Cup to the North Toronto Arena to celebrate with his hometown fans, as he enters Maple Leaf Territory.

Wilson, the Washington Capitals hot forward, grew up a Leaf’s fan and folks at NT Hockey love him just the same. There are still photos of him celebrating wins as part of the Canadian U17 team. Check this local story about the respect they have for this now Caps superstar.

Last year Tom told SportsNet that this is where he learned to play hockey. The rink was walking distance from home and where he and his brother Pete spent a lot of time. Dad Keven was also a hockey player and sometime coach to the brothers.

Wilson has never forgotten where he is from. He has never forgotten his childhood love for the Leafs and the Toronto community. You can be sure we will see all the Wilson clan, including mom Neville and new sister-in-law Leah celebrating! Girlfriend Taylor Pischke just qualified for the Vienna Beach Volleyball Majors in Austria and returned home Saturday, just in time to join Tom! (Update from original post)

We know of a couple official events which Tom has planned. There will be plenty of photos shared throughout the day, probably even some fans rocking the Leafs sweaters. We will provide a summary late on Sunday with all the photos and video we can find!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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