Caps Spirit Squad Brings the Cheer to Fans

We were all taken by surprise when the Washington Capitals announced tryouts for the Caps Spirit Squad and not the Red Rockers. Monumental Sports and Entertainment had previously announced some changes as part of the upgrade to Capital One Arena, but there was no specific mention about the end of the Red Rockers.


The new Spirit Squad will still provide great entertainment as part of the fan experience, but will now do it as a coed group. The all female Red Rockers will  become more of a cheer-leading group to get fans excited and to represent the team at a number of events around the DMV. The Red Rockers have always brought the Caps spirit to events and we expect the same from the new Squad – only now the doors are open to more fans to participate in the experience.

• New entertainment squads for both the Capitals and Wizards:

◦ All-new, co-ed Wizards Dancers and Caps spirit teams, who will energize the crowd

◦ Wizdom, a new Wizards seniors dance team

◦ Wizards Power Pack, an entertainment crew that will feature stunts, tumbling and more

◦ And the fan favorite Wizkids dancers and Secret Service Dunkers will return, as well

MSE is looking for talented dancers, tumblers and stunters of all ages – male and female — to audition for the Wizards Dancers, Wizdom, Wizards Power Pack and Wizkids.  If you or someone you know is interested in trying out, please reach out to  We are also looking for high energy men and women who love working with people to audition to represent the Capitals.  If you or someone you know fits that bill, please email  

So who are they looking for to join the Spirit Squad? According to the Caps home page they want people who have an on-camera presence, hockey knowledge, and who work well as part of a team. They will need to be able to participate in improvisational exercises and meet the physical demands of a squad. Unlike the Red Rockers, no dance or skating experience is necessary – they are looking for high-energy people to “pump up the crowd.”

There are so many name changes, it is hard to keep up with all of them. Kettler Captials Iceplex is now MedStar Capitals Iceplex. There is a new name for the club level of Capital One Arena – the Kettler Loft. Meanwhile, we are still getting used to calling Verizon Center the Capital One Arena. And now we add the Spirit Squad!!

Fans aren’t necessarily revolting, but by-and-large, they are bemoaning all the name changes and clinging hard to the past!! At least there is no movement to change the team name, unlike another sports franchise in the area.

So, male or female, go unleash your Caps spirit and try out for the Caps Spirit Squad! Its a paying gig, so if you think you have the energy to keep up, sign up now and maybe we will soon be taking your picture too!!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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  1. Stupid sounding name! Sounds like a high school pep squad. To rock shows passion. Red Rockers is gender neutral. Ugh why?

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