Holtby, Home and Family

Braden Holtby grew up in a quiet farm community in Marshall near Lloydminster and Lashburn, Saskatchewan; the son of Greg and Tami and sibling to older sister Taryn, a member of the Saskatchewan curling team.  Earlier this summer, SportsNet documented his past and the promise for his future. He walked through the family farm which Greg now runs. Braden worked there as a lad and it is where the “farm boy strength” that he exhibits in the net comes from. His dad was a coach and a goalie himself and influenced Braden’s career choice, although he has claimed that he expected the Holtbbeast to follow in the family business.

It was in Lashburn he learned to skate and grew to love hockey, dreaming about bringing the Stanley Cup home one day to inspire other kids like himself. Tuesday, July 31, 2018 was that day!


The day started early for Holtby as he accepted delivery of Lord Stanley at his parent’s farm. Braden and his family have their own place in Saskatchewan and it was touching that he shared his first moments with his family.

And then he spent the morning at the CN Sportsplex where it all began, smiling and greeting the many friends and fan who came to congratulate their hometown hero! He learned about being a member of the team on the ice there.

Meet the people who know Braden and have supported him since he played as a kid in the video prepared by the Saskatoon Blades the team Holtby once served as goaltender.

Fans were not disappointed either!


There was no doubting that this was all about the fans. Braden never stopped smiling and neither did his fans. What a guy!!

He ended the day back at the farm with his family and some neighbors. Braden and Brandi were married in Lloydminster and they frequently retreat to their home there in the offseason. Braden is the small town kid who grew up to become an NHL superstar, yet keeps coming home to instill those same values in his own children. What a lifetime of memories he created for his family and the people of Saskatchewan.

update: we learned about this gem of a prize for the Holtbeast too!!!

Oh, and Holtby hasn’t been hiding out at home this summer either. He didn’t need to wait for the Cup to get out in the community and encourage young sports players in all their endeavors.

Chandler Stephenson will bring the Cup back to Saskatchewan August 24 when he takes the trophy to Humboldt.

Photos from various social media sources, including the Washington Capitals and NHL/Keeper of the Cup.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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