Tom Wilson is EXCITED to be Back

Tom Wilson spoke with media Monday about his new contract with the Washington Capitals. The Caps signed Wilson to a six-year contact for $31.02 million with an average annual value of $5.17 million last week. The future looks bright for Wilson as he steps up his game and plays “great hockey” with the team that is returning. “Excited” was definitely his word for the day.

On a conference call with the media when asked about the long term contract, Tom said: “Both sides were on the same page…I love it in Washington – it’s a second home now.” He said it was nice to have the confidence from the Capitals management. He sounded excited and humble at the same time. He is looking forward to building “as a player and as a team and moving forward.”

Specifically about the contract, he said he felt that he had built a great relationship with the team and that the Caps are confident that he will grow as a player. “They know I will come to the rink and give it my all, every single day.” His expectation is that he will be a part of the foundation moving forward.

For the coming years he sees himself growing each year, taking more on. “I spent the second half of the year on the top line and I felt comfortable there. That kind of became the norm.” He is looking forward to continue growing his offensive role on the top two lines as a top six player. He spoke about the special bonds the team has with one another and the expectation that he will grow into the role as a leader in the locker room.

You could hear his enthusiasm as he spoke about the need to be a consistent player and helping the team. He said multiple times that he is “looking forward to building as a player.” When it comes to the issues of the past season and the penalties and suspensions, he said that he will have conversations with people he “trusts and respects” to talk about ways to improve with the physical part of the game and how to “adapt and change with the times” as he contributes more to the success of the team. He told the press that from his perspective the players as a whole are excited for the next season, they love Washington and the fan base, and they want to stick around and “get the job done.” He is ready to play in whatever role he is asked to step into.

The Cup comes to Toronto August 5. He has seen some of the journey on social media. He and the guys have been texting each other and how they are spending their time. He is “pretty excited for my day with it.”

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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