Miami with the Ovechkins

Alex and Nastya Ovechkin landed back in the USA via Miami on 22 July.

According to Nastya’s Instagram, the couple made the decision to have their first baby in the states since her due date is close and Ovi has Capa obligations coming up soon.

So of course they continue to document all their time poolside/beachside in Florida.

We have to say, despite all his heavy partying since June 7, he is looking pretty darn good.

Of course he is getting in some exercise at the gym and eating healthy.

They took a break at one of their favorite stores, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

A bit more of Ovi singing- his new summer talent!

The Miami scene: Romantic dinners and more healthy eating. Lots of fresh seafood:

Nastya is due in mid-August. It is likely that the couple will return to their home in McLean, Virginia in time for the stork to pay a visit.

All photos from Ovi and Nastya’s Instagram

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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