Todd Reirden Celebrates with the Stanley Cup as New Head Coach

Todd Reirden brought the Stanley Cup home to Indiana where he and his family still have a strong connection to the community. In typical Reirden fashion, he used the time to help promote hockey in the region and the encourage the development of players.


The Reirden family started with some family time in Lake Michigan and then headed to Crown Point. Todd’s wife Shelby and son Travis were both born in Crown Point.

The Cup continued its visits with first responders meeting wiht the local fire and police departments.


From there Coach Reirden brought the cup to the Crown Point High School  hockey team, the Midwest Training and Ice Center in Dyer, and to Deerfield area high school hockey players. Players were asked to bring a jersey or other slightly used equipment to donate to the Learn to Play program.


Finally they brought the Cup to the Urschel Pavilion in Valparaiso from 4-6 p.m. for more public viewing. Fans lined up early for their chance with the Cup, according to local press reports.


Before bringing the biggest hockey trophy home, Reirden told the local press:

“We’re going to Crown Point to help build the game of hockey, then going to Dyer to the closest rink for an equipment drive and then we’re going to Valparaiso and that beautiful outdoor facility (Urschel Pavilion). To be able to bring the Cup back to the area and to build the game, it’s my way of giving back to the game I love.”

This video is a perfect representation of the day with coach:

The Reirdens hosted a private party later that evening.

Dave Melton of the Post-Trib Sports shared many of the great moments of the day, making it possible for us to share with you. Our thanks to everyone who posted such great pictures for the world to be there with you and coach!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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