Connor and Lexi Tie the Knot

This is a love story with the sweetest ending!


Connor Carrick (former Hershey Bear & current Maple Leaf) and his love Lexi Solofra were married in Chicago on Friday July 20. The couple was in preschool together, although their memories are a bit foggy about it. They grew up in Orland Park, Illinois and have been a couple for about five years. We’ve been waiting for the day to wish them a long happy life together!!

The couple became engaged in July 2017.


Their wedding day began with a bit of rain but nothing would stop this wedding!

Lexi’s sister Alyssa was her maid of honor.


And yes there was dancing!!

Many fans in Hershey gave a big shoutout to the couple who were well-known in Hershey and also in DC where Lexi worked as a much demanded hair stylist at Immortal Beloved in Washington DC.


In attendance at the wedding were good friends from home and around the NHL and AHL including Miles Koules, and Bears roommates Liam O’Brien and Eric Burgdoerfer.

Guests joining the wedding party in Chicago received special baskets of goodies in their rooms.

Lexi, with her family and friends prepared for the wedding in late June with her wedding shower at the Crystal Tree Golf Club in Orland Park.

They will be off to Hawaii to celebrate their nuptials. Congrats you love birds!!!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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