Capitals Summer Vaca, Part One

Most of the Capitals’ off season time has been consumed with Stanley Cup celebrations. Not only did their season end a lot later then it ever has, their vacation time had a late start too. Here is what some of the guys have been doing – outside of Cup Party Time – from mid-June to July 15.

Of all the players, the Ovechkin’s and Oshie’s rule social media!

Golf. Hockey players love their golf and so do the Capitals. Although we haven’t seen too much time on the greens so far. And TJ Oshie – well he just made his time all about the family. His youngest daughter, Leni, became a star in her own right at the ripe old age of TWO! Oshie put his talents together for charity — and of course there was drinking through the shirt as he was once again crowned the champ.  No, no, it never gets old for us!!!

TJ participated in Gene Upshaw Memorial Golf Classic which supports health care needs in the Tahoe area. After taking a break with the family, he returned to the greens to play with NHL commentator Jeremy Roenick, his son Brett, and TJ’s brother Taylor for the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe.


Tom Wilson and girlfriend Taylor Pischke got in a bit of golfing together in Toronto.

And there was a little golfing in Scotland.

Family time can mean pool and beach time too.

Tom Wilson and Taylor were off to Portugal for some time in the sun.


The Oshies spent some time with the family and a friend’s wedding and then they caught their breath after all the festivities poolside in Turks and Caicos Islands – one of their favorite places to unwind. From there they were on to Lake Tahoe, another favorite place for hockey players!!

We include Liam O’Brien in our story because he will be one of the players looking for a vacant spot on the Caps lineup this summer. And well, we just like him! He and his girlfriend Adela Zahrajova started their offseason in Greece and Italy before heading to sunny sourther-California, while he negotiated a new contract. He caught up with his brother in San Diego for some hiking and he and Adela took in Wonderspaces.

Weddings, of course summer is about weddings and babies for professional hockey players. Hershey Bears, and occasional Capitals player, Nathan Walker and Taylaa Billinghurst were married in beautiful Sydney, Australia. And one of his groomsmen was none other than Hershey Bear/Caps teammate Chandler Stephenson.

Chandler and girlfriend Tasha Maltman spent some time exploring Australia before the wedding.

Tom Wilson‘s brother Peter was married in July. He and Taylor were on hand and Taylor even tried her hand at special wedding cookies for the occasion.

Lets not forget the young guns. Party Boy Jakub Vrana hung out with some players from his Swedish hockey days before going to Prague to celebrate with the Cup. Tom Wilson couldn’t resist teasing him a little bit about his heritage….

Andre Burakovsky and his family and friends caught a river boat in hometown Malmo Sweden for lunch in Denmark. Of course he also got in a bit of golf! He even took time out to get his teeth nice and shiny before he joined pal Vrana in Prague.

Lars Eller was out on the water with his charming daughter!


Evegeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov hung out with captain Alex Ovechkin as he spent his day, ok  two days, with the Stanley Cup. Before that – Kuzy spent a bit of time on the range. Oh and at FIFA too. Before leaving the USA, he posed with the Cup and his wife and daughter, Ecenia.

Dima hobnobbed with Russian sports celebrities. He also celebrated his second anniversary with his beautiful wife Varvara, stopping in Sicily before the parties in Moscow. They seem to really enjoy the Mediterranean, having visited there several times before.

Then we had the Ovechkins who spent time with family, at FIFA, and well, just being adorable while they wait for baby.

They packed a few things to take with them to Russia…

There was FIFA, with and without the Stanley Cup. He hung out for the games with good friends from Russia, and of course Nastya – who just looks more stunning each day.

Family is a priority – no matter the event. Theirs is the love story we can’t get enough of.

After the Cup, they celebrated their first anniversary of their public wedding with a few friends cruising through Moscow, as they did when they celebrated their marriage a year ago.

And as an added bonus, Lauren Oshie compiled all her favorite vacation photos for us!

Party On!! We’ll have more in a couple of weeks.

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