How One Fan Infiltrated the Caps Stanley Cup Party.

Editors Note: We have changed the names of the infiltrating fan here to protect his identity.

On June 7th our now favorite Caps fan Chris had bought tickets to the T-mobile arena, being a Caps fan, he had a mission. If the Caps won the Cup, he was going to find their party, and infiltrate it. This is his story.

It started about three weeks before the fateful night when the Vegas Golden Knights had a public sale and he finalized his travel for game five. Sitting at home in Virginia Chris told his wife: “You know if this happens, we have to find the Cup.” Chris’s wife responded with: “Totally.”

20180607_170256Fast forwarding to game five, during pre-game festivities a Capitals fan was passing around signed hockey cards at a bar where fan were pre-gaming, boasting that he had just met Holtby’s mother. The fan seemed legit, so they asked him where the Caps were staying. In a drunken, but loud whisper, he said: “Aria.” After the Caps won the Cup, they set back to the Aria hotel with a bottle of champagne and started offering it to anyone who wanted some. It wasn’t a great plan of elicitation, but it was fun!!

They began asking around at the Aria as to where the Capitals were partying. Some of the doorman and security folks might have been given a “Jackson” for information. All for the sake of the mission of course! Chris and the Mrs. were told the Capitals were staying at the Aria, but the party was not there. Thus began their quest to find the Capitals party.  They asked some doormen who were convinced the party was at the Mandarin Hotel, which was in-between T-mobile Arena and the Aria Hotel. Now they had a plan!

Off they went, running into a couple of Caps fans who concurred the party was at the Mandarin. YES –  good intel! Seeing some coach buses outside, they innocently asked one of the drivers who his client was.  He simply said: “Out-of-towners.” He couldn’t say officially who they were, but said he saw a “silvery glow” coming from the third floor of the Mandarin. With this intel, they bee-lined into the Mandarin, got to the lobby elevators, and hit the third floor button and..

Nothing happened. The floor didn’t light up. Chris pressed more floor buttons. Nothing worked. It must have been keycard locked for folks staying at the hotel, all except for the rooftop bar. Chris and his wife lit up the the 23rd button and ascended to the bar. With the quest for the party getting more feverish. On the way to the 23rd floor, Chris and his wife ran into more Caps fans who said the elevator had stopped previously at the third floor, but when it was stopped they were pressed by security as to why they were here, and getting off there. Our heroes had the intel:, the party was on the third floor.However, now they were on the 23rd floor. With intel rock solid, they headed to the fire escape (don’t worry, it was inside the hotel)  and tore down 20 flights of stairs only to find no door to the third floor (which is alarming had their been a fire!) Our fans quickly backtracked to the fourth floor where Chris called the elevator. The third floor button lit up this time like Eller buried the Final Clincher. They were close.

As Chris and the Mrs. arrived at the third floor, the doors opened. There was nothing there except a couple of security guards in front of a black curtain with the sounds of a party going on behind them. Nothing right?? They swallowed deep and walked up to the security guys. One of them asked who they were with….

As calmly and authoritatively as as he could, Chris said:  “The Washington Capitals.” They looked at each other and the same person who asked who they were asked where their wristbands were? With no wristbands, our fans had to think fast.  Chris replied with celebrity indignation: “No one told us about wristbands?!?!” The guards asked for their names, and not really thinking at this point, Chris gave his real name. With that, the security guard checked behind a curtain and asked another guard for a list. It’s Vegas -there has to a guest list!! Nope – he told him something to the effect of  “They never gave us a list.” He popped his head out and said they were good to go in!!  (Are you just dying yet?  We are!!) 

HOLY COW!!!!!  (ok, to be honest, that isn’t really what they said or what we would say, but keeping it family-friendly, you can fill in the words!!!)

Behind the curtain was a half-sized hotel ballroom with all your standard reception fare, a couple of bars, some fingers foods and in the corner was HOLTBY posing for pictures while lifting the CUPover his head. Chris said to his wife “HOLY {expletive, expletive, expletive, we are here!} That’s HOLTBY!

As our warriors (well the Caps did just defeat the Knights and their little warrior) composed themselves they decided: “We are in; just act natural.”  (No way could we compose ourselves. Just saying.)

Okay hold onto your hats, the story gets really really GR8 now!!!

Holtby was on the far side of the room lifting the cup and smiling ear-to-ear posing for pictures. Chris did a quick scan around the room and immediately recognized Orlov, Carlson, DSP, Orpik, Eller, and Ovi at a table in the center surrounded by a gaggle of Russian dudes and dudettes. Looking back, Holtby passed the Cup to Niskanen.

In Chris’ own words:

There was a circle of folks in a party line to receive the Cup. We go in line. Nisky posed with some relatives for photos, and the Cup got passed around, then to a kid. They started to offer to take photos for folks, and we were next in line. The Cup came to us.

Some person handed me the

I could not believe it. I lifted it, I kissed it, and I had passed it off to someone before I even knew what happened. After that, we mingled into the party and talked to Alan May, Orpik, and Orlov. I asked Orlov how I could get one of the locker room hats all the players were wearing? Through a deep Russian accent and a wry smile he told me: “Win the Cup!” We both laughed. We stayed with the players until the party was closing and the Caps were off to a different club. We couldn’t believe it.

One final fun note about the evening. At 1232 Ovi was sitting drinking a beer – a Stella. At 1237 he got up with the Cup to take some pictures before leaving the party. The next day the Washington Post wrote about what happened at 1236… Those were our Caps fans!!

The next morning telling their story, family and friends didn’t believe them either. But then they had proof. Picture proof.

Ok, now tell us friends – is that not THE BEST STANLEY CUP STORY EVER?!?!?!?!?

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Party on Caps Friends!!

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