Ovechkin Wedding Photos Released

Famed Russian photographer Dmitry Markov – known for his beautiful wedding photos – released the pictures he took of Alex and Nastya Ovechkin’s formal wedding July 8, 2017.

The couple became engaged in September 2015, after many years of acquaintance. They kept their romance private for some time. They were married in a quiet civil ceremony August 28, 2016. We knew there had to be more and there was! We saw bits and pieces on social media (more here and here) and even during Ovi’s Stanley Cup celebration, they aired a video of the wedding for their friends and family.

These are the first formal photos though. There are many more on Markov’s website but these were ones we liked the most.

Getting wedding ready. Ovi and that serous side we don’t see too often because he is such a charismatic guy. And Nastya with her friends, including Varvara Orlova.

And then it was off to an incredible wedding, prepared for them by friend Anna Goroda, party planner SvadBerry, and PartyVison.

Nastya arrived with her father. And Ovi waited…

As we know, the center of everything for the Ovechkin’s is family. And they were clearly a part of all the love and joy.

This is one of the last photos of Nastya and her mother before she passed away in August 2017.

Happy Anniversary to our favorite lovebirds!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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