Michal Kempny: A Journey with the Stanley Cup

Continuing the Capitals tradition – Michal Kempny brings Stanley Cup to the people, after buckling up for safety as he drove off in his Mustang convertible.

At the local rink, they watched some video about how he got his start.

A bit of inspiration for all the young players there:

It all started on June 8 when Kempny raised the Cup over his head in Vegas. His family was on hand to celebrate within him too.

There was a little parade down Constitution Avenue:

Oh and let’s not forget a new contract that keeps him playing with buddy John Carlson.

Of course he did have to get Ovi to let go of the shiny guy for his day to begin!

and there were some fan photos too!

Congrats Michal – well deserved ending to a great season. How cool it must be to see all this merchandise with your name and face on it?!!

Kempny ended the night like most players, with family and close friends. What a day!!

And with a wave, Michal passed Lord Stanley on to meet up with our favorite party boy, Jakub Vrana. We know there will be lots to cover!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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