Emotional Day with Lord Stanley in Annapolis

The Washington Capitals players and staff have been doing some pretty amazing things during their time with the Stanley Cup. Tuesday was one of those gut-wrenching days as the Cup journied to Annapolis.

Annapolis is still reeling from the tragic events at the Capital Gazette Thursday, June 29. The horrific event touched Caps equipment manager Craig “Woody” Leydig so much that he felt compelled to bring the cup to the offices of the people of the Gazette. He actually worked there at one time. The Anne Arundal County resident Leydig said: “When you get a day with it, its good to do good for some people and to boost some moral. ” Well done!!

Woody also took the Cup around to the US Naval Academy – a place the the Capitals have spent quite a bit of time during the Barry Trotz era.

Even the press got in on the fun. Rob Carlin’s friend and son had a chance tontouch the shiny cup! And so did Ed Frankovic!

Woody took his shiny friend down to the water where even more excited fans had a chance to greet him. What a day at the dock!

Lord Stanley even had a bit of quite time on the seas…

Thanks Woody for making us proud to be Capitals fans!!!

Here is the Gazette’s own story about the day.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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