Hershey Bears Spotlight: Lucas Johansen

We know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear his name. “Is he related?” Well the answer is yes. Lucas Johansen is the younger brother of Ryan Johansen; centerman for the Nashville Predators. Although Lucas is not yet at the level of his older brother he has a lot of positive qualities. For one his speed is something to see, he was one of the fastest on his skates this season for the Bears. Second he always seems to weave in and out of tight spots where some of the bigger guys aren’t able to get.

It has now been two years since Lucas was drafted by the Caps in the first round. So where is he?

We really didn’t get much of a chance to see Lucas in action during this Caps development camp due to an injury but what we did see of him was someone who is growing but not quite there yet. We are hoping we get to see more of him this year in Hershey to see his game develop into something great that the Caps can use.

In his first season in Hershey, Lucas scored six goals and 21 assists and finished the season with a -13 rating. The points total, combined with a negative rating, leaves something to be desired. But we will chalk it up to first year jitters, and will wait to truly analyze him until after this season and seeing him in action in Hershey. We don’t think he is quite NHL ready yet.

Let us know your thoughts about Lucas and what you would like to see from him this year below in the comments.

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