Happy Caps Fan


Well, Saturday was a blast even though it was hot. That morning I awoke to the ding of my Facebook account and messages from my friends asking if I was coming to the Caps Fan Fest. Of which of course I was. I have never missed a fan fest event.

As I dressed, I also kept up to what was happening on my Facebook page. I could see fans were already at Kettler and some had been there since 5am!! I was not gonna be at Kettler that early.

watermarked13(2018-07-01-1743)-1I did finally arrive, after walking up two different flights of stairs!

By the time I reached Kettler Ice Plex, I was sweaty and tired and looking for a freezer to sit in. I was so glad to be in a cold rink. I walked around to see the extremely long line of people to get a picture with the Stanley Cup. At first I was surprised to see the line but then again, I wasn’t because it was the Stanley Cup — the holy grail!

While I was there walking around in the heat of the day, I visited the Caps Fan Club Table, for which I am a board member. It was really awesome to see so many fans joining the club. We gave out some really awesome items that only a Caps fan would love.

I knew, without being told, that there were going to be a lot of hopefuls who wouldn’t be able to have a chance to get a picture with the Cup. As I sat inside Kettler I had a chance to meet Barbara and her daughter. What a great story she had to tell about her time with the Cup:

watermarked12(2018-07-01-1743)-1Barbara, who is eighty-six years young, had arrived at Kettler around 7am. She and her daughter stood in line for some time and then it was their time to take their picture. As her daughter began to move the wheel chair toward the Cup, Barbara stopped it and told her daughter she was going to walk. She stood up and refused everyone’s assistance and walked to the Stanley Cup. As she walked, the fans were all cheering and chanting and in those few moments; she became famous. I watched as so many Caps fans approached her to give her hugs and to say how seeing her with the Cup was awesome. She had the biggest smile on her face all day. I don’t think anything could have erased that smile on her face.

As I have learned, not every one in line had their picture with the Cup. Some were mad but if you were not there early, then getting a picture was not gonna happen. I knew I didn’t have a chance but I’m not mad. For me to be in it’s presence was good enough. I got to see it and talk to fans who did get a picture.watermarked7(2018-07-01-1743)-1

But now I read that the Caps organization is extending the opportunity to get your picture with the Cup and I will take that opportunity and I say: “Thank you Caps.”

I got a chance to see many of my Facebook friends and I just enjoyed myself. So yes, it was a great day for me and I was extremely happy, But the heat — not so much. Saturday was another example of me living my best me, even though it was in the heat.

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