The Beagle is Gone

Oh Jay Beagle how we adore you and that infectious boyish smile of yours. You have always been so kind to your fans. You always showed us that we were all part of this team. And he has shared the love of this sport with the youngest of players – setting a high bar for them.

And the guy who doesn’t get on social media may never know how much we admire him and how much we will miss him, as well as Ashley and the children.

Jay Beagle signed a contract with the Vancouver Canucks for four years at $12 million or an average of $3 mil a year. Quite a good deal for this favorite father of ours.

We knew he was likely on the chopping block to make room for his old friend from Hershey – John Carlson. Beagle told the press: “This is my home. I want to come back here.” Unfortunately, like Karl Alzner before him, the Caps could not  provide him with an offer he could accept.

We got to know Beags in Hershey with the Bears at a time when they were winning the Calder Cup. Although it seems like he has always been on the Caps roster, he didn’t become a full-time NHL player until the 2011 season. We have come to love him in the face off circle. This season as he grew out his playoff beard, we saw a grit like we have never seen before. We know he will bring that winning positive perspective with him and we know that we will miss it here in DC.

Beags, as he is affectionately known by his loyal followers, has had a good run these past few years. He has had his battle with injuries, the latest in April 2018, just before the Capitals began their playoff surge.  2016 saw him struggle with a few injuries that side-lined him.  In 2015, fans cheered loudly at his return to practice at Kettler Ice Plex.

We have to say that this hurts. Last summer was bad – this one isn’t much better when it comes to saying ‘Goodbye’ to a player we respect and will miss terribly.

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