Michal Kempny Details On New Capitals Contract

Michal Kempny came to the Capitals in February 2018 and we were pretty darn excited with the acquisition!! We are even more excited about him signing a new contract for FOUR years. The Washington Capitals confirmed the Thursday rumors Friday morning.

Kempny was great during the playoffs and showed that he has something to contribute to this team. MacLellan said signing him was a priority and Kempny said he wanted to stay. And is there any doubt that John Carlson wants him back??

When the Caps talk about tenacity, they are talking about Kempny. He’s the guy that crashed into the boards during warm ups at game three, saw the doc, got cleaned up, and came back to play. He had a terrific goal in the game four, as well as an assist in games one and two.

Kempny is really a great all around D man. He does a lot of the little things really well and knows how to move the puck quickly. The way he sees the ice is also really something on it’s own too. When he played with the Blackhawks he was considered one of the top four players. The Caps gave him a chance and he came though!

The Caps will pay the Czech Republic player an average of $2.5 million to keep playing with Carly. We think this is the perfect investment for the team!

Congrats Michal!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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