Hey Caps Fans, Ready to Celebrate Again??

The Capitals WON THE STANLEY CUP and we haven’t stopped celebrating yet!!

We get to party on down again on Saturday, 30 June at Kettler Ice Plex in Ballston/Arlington Va. Fan Fest Is Back. Click here for our helper on parking or taking the metro to Ballston.

And it is the last day of Caps Development Camp and their final scrimmage. We love this last bit with the prospects as we can finally see who is ready to push ahead for Hershey or Washington. The game begins at 10 am on the Caps Ice Rink. Get there early for a spot to sit in the bleachers or around the glass.

And then there is all the excitement of Fan Fest. Here is the general run down on what happens when:

Key Events

Photo Op with Lord Stanley. The line officially opens at 10 am but we have heard people plan to arrive really really early to secure their spot. Think Parade and the Rally Area!!!

Caps Equipment Sale also starts at 10. Get in line over near the entry doors to the Arlington Rink or near the garage elevators. Stuff goes fast and there is no telling what might be available. Prices run from low 20s for basic gear to 100s for sticks.A Public Skate has been added this year from 10 to 2. Cost is super reasonable and a good day to try out some skates if you haven’t yet. Only $5 with skates!!Typically the Caps have loads of things to do on the roof with great music playing. Frequently the prospects can be found running around. We aren’t sure that will hold true for this year or not.

The Rooftop is clear and ready to go! They are setting up tables for the Cup lines- likely to be at the entrance with the line outside. Bring water and wear good shoes!!

So come on out and hangout with a bunch of friends who aren’t ready to quit celebrating! Take a few pictures! Watch the young dudes play! It’s a great way to spend a sunny Saturday!!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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