Caps Dev Camp – Goalies and Defense Day

Friday was day four of Caps Development Camp. The morning focus was on the defense, including goalie drills.


There were a few D-men who caught our attention and we think will be worth watching in the coming month and years. The players worked on some angle shots, some pass and shoot drills, and puck control exercises.

Our top pick is Connor Hobbs. He has the experience and confidence in his play. A 2015 draft, Hobbs is proving himself at camp. He may be past the “development “stage and ready to take on a bigger role in the show. He had it light today – feeding pucks to his mates.

Alex Alexeyev, the new first round pick of 2018 looks better every day. He is young and has time to mature his game. He is a hard worker – you can tell he wants to learn. His shots can use some structure but when he does get it right- it’s a thing of beauty to see.

Jonas Siegenthaler has a sense of confidence about him that we haven’t seen at previous camps. Time in Hershey was good and he might be ready to challenge others for an open D-man slot during training camp.

We really like Kristofers Bindulis. He is the complete package. He has good moves, great stick handling, and a smooth shot at the net. We liked him last year and we like him even more this time around. He is slated for Hershey; however, we hope he has an invite to training camp and a chance to display his talent.

The goalies were put through the paces today. They had to deal with the angle shots as well as some exercises to push them to defend from deep in the crease. They all looked really good. It will be interesting to see how they do in the scrimmage on Saturday when under real puck attack!

The prospects will participate in a scrimmage at 10 am on the Caps Ice Rink. Come to Fan Fest at Kettler for the equipment sale and to see the Stanley Cup and be sure to check out the future of the Capitals! Come and see these guys for yourselves.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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