Caps Development Camp Day One

As normal with day one of Camp, tings started a little slow Tuesday afternoon. We had our first look at some of the newest players drafted by the Capitals last week. It’s too early to really make a call, but in general- these are some fast players. Just what this team needs for the future.

Some general observations:

Garrett Pilon really has that speed thing down.

It was good to see Jonas Siegenthaler. He seems to be stronger and faster every year.

Tobias Geisser returns a year after he was drafted. It was hard not to watch him. He is tall – 6′ 4″ and a bit lanky but has a nice glide on the ice. We like his stick-handling.

Shane Gersich was the surprise return to Development Camp this year. The 21 year-old played three games in the regular season and two in the playoffs. He only had one assist which might account for his selection for dev camp. This kid has a heck of a slap shot that could be deadly for an opponent.

Lucas Johansen returned to camp this year. We were excited when he was first drafted and have hopes that he will developers as a player. He looks bigger this year and as a defenseman, we want to see how he is at pushing back other players.

Connor Hobbs is a return. He looked feisty today. He has that “I want a slot” look to him. He should be fun to watch in the days ahead.

And Cooper Zech kept flashing in front of us. Definitely needs more of a look.

And of course the goalies were having their own training session too. More here.

We will have more coverage and videos throughout the week. Follow our blog and mostly us on Twitter for updates.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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