So Much Caps Merchandise— So Many Empty Wallets!

Thursday night, June 7th, the Washington Capitals became the Stanley Cup Champions and we all pulled out our credit cards to celebrate!

The celebrating began in the bars around the DMV as we paid off our tabs and took to the street. That might have been the first couple hundred for some of us!

And then of course the media reminded us that Dick’s was still open and had our championship hats and shirts. So we hit that on the way home or bright and early on Friday.

And then the real spending began – on-Line shopping at its best. And we outdid ourselves as we became close personal friends with Fanatics! It was soooo easy!

We know of one person who spent so much that he had a personal concierge!! One brave soul admitted to the public that they spent $5,000, so far!

We at FiCP have spent more than we want to admit. One of us is visiting from out of town with the family so there is that little expense. She won’t actually admit how much she spent haha!! And our Twitter King and his brother were out of the country when the Caps won but that didn’t stop them from shopping online. Their haul came in the day after they got back. They ordered “one of everything.”

And let’s not forget the the Caps are selling off their stadium seats!

The downtown team store is open for business:

Kettler has patches- at least for a little while. They go fast.

They have summer hours and a constantly changing inventory:

The icing on the cake? The Washington Times reports that we have once again beat out the Penguins- this time by outspending them!!! Way to go friends!!!

We know there is more shopping to be done as newer merchandise becomes available. And of course RMNB and JapersRink have their own t-shirts which we all love. And our friends at the Caps Road Crew have new shirts all the time. BreakingT has a great selection.

We’re here to help lol!

So Rock On friends and Shop On!!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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