New Caps Pick-a-Seat Process

Washington Capitals season ticket holders (STH) were notified today that the process to move their seats is changing this season. And it’s gonna be a mess!!!

Traditionally, STHs come into the arena at a designated time, based upon their length of time as a STH. They are allowed to walk around and see which seats are available throughout the arena. It helps to imagine the view of the ice from your seat as well as number of steps up or down to your seat.

Additionally, fans are allowed to purchase additional seats. It has been a one-step process of moving and adding or sitting tight and adding.

This year; however, because of the renovations underway at Capital One fans will not be able to enter the arena. All transactions will be on-line or over the phone with one’s representative. And, the process is a two-step now. Move your seat online and then call your rep and hope you can get through to add seats.

That means waiting for your turn during your time slot in hopes that what you see online is still available. Good luck!

We wish all our reps well during this time. Try to remain calm and cool friends. We all remember flaring tempers during the viewing party fiasco.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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