Capitals Summer Surprise: Trotz Out Reirden In?

June 7, the Washington Capitals won their first Stanley Cup and much of this must be credited to Barry Trotz. Just 11 days later, after four seasons, Trotz resigned as the Capitals’ Head Coach. A few hours later we found out that Todd Rierden is in the running for the head coach position. Serious talks still need to happen; however, Brian MacLellan does not seem to be in a rush to make a decision.

Read bellow the official statement by the Washington Capitals:

“Barry Trotz informed the organization today of his decision to resign as head coach of the Washington Capitals. We are obviously disappointed by Barry’s decision, but would like to thank Barry for all his efforts the past four years and for helping bring the Stanley Cup to Washington. Barry is a man of high character and integrity and we are grateful for his leadership and for all that he has done for our franchise.”

Apparently there was a clause we didn’t know about that said Trotz’ contract would renew if he won the cup. It became clear in the press conference that the Caps and Trotz could not come to agreement regarding a renegotiated price and the length for the two-year extension.

Todd Reirden has been in somewhat of a holding pattern. Reportedly, the Caps would not allow the trainer to the defensemen to talk to other teams about a new job. Seems the front office was thinking ahead to a moment like this. The Caps had already gotten a taste for how Todd might run things when in the summer of 2016 he stepped in for Barry to run training camp. Trotz was busy with the World Cup of Hockey, assisting with the Canadian team that was having a favorable run of it. Over time the Caps blue line skaters have indicated that they have a lot of faith in Reirden and we would expect that to continue if he receives the nod for head coach.

Reirden came to the Capitals during the summer of 2014, along with Lane Lambert, and Mitch Korn. Prior to the Capitals, he spent time with the great Dan Bylsma as his assistant coach from 2010 to 2014. He has no other NHL coaching experience, which makes us a bit nervous. Of course all good coaches have to start somewhere and in this case Todd has worked with two of the best in the league.

Barry Trotz, the 55-year old Canadian, known for his ability to deal with defensive systems, was signed as the Caps’ Head Coach in 2014-15, after spending 15 seasons with the Nashville Predators (1998-99 to 2013-14). He was their first coach. Indeed, his skills were of great value to the Caps in the playoff run, after a regular season in which the defensive lines gave us some reason for  concern. The team may have turned that around enough in the playoffs to get all the way to the shiny prize at the end of the rainbow. Could Barry land somewhere else? The Islanders is being suggested by some since they are the only team right now without a coach. Or could he simply retire?

And if not Todd Reirden then who? Someone suggested Bylsma who isn’t working right now and might be ready to coach again. Can you imagine?? A Pens coach? Dave Tippett? (Update: Nope- he will be helping Seattle find a team) Darryl Sutter? We like this one for sure. He knows how to win the Cup more then once. We will have to wait and see.

Updated by Maggie Marcum

Author: Luís Felipe Rodrigues

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