Backstrom Reveals He Played the Stanley Cup Finals Injured

The Washington Capitals and their fans had a wonderful party after winning the first and the long-awaited Stanley Cup. Much of this achievement was due to Nicklas Backstrom, one of the main players in the franchise in which he is the all-time assists leader. We now know that he played the Stanley Cup  finals with two fractures on his finger.

Backstrom  injured his finger in Game 5 of the second round, being out of Game 6 in which the Caps eliminated their archrival the Pittsburgh Penguins. The injury occurred when he attempted to block a shot. Until now we haven’t known the specifics about the injury, only that it likely had been somewhere in his hand.

You can see Nicky’s Vince son gingerly holding his father’s hand as he left for Game 1 in Vegas.

The Swede returned in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning, missing a total of four games. In the Stanley Cup Finals, even injured, Nicky played all five games. With six points, he was even able to rank third in points among Caps players during the Stanley Cup Finals. His performance was admirable, being an important player even with an injury in a sport that requires a lot of physical contact and that uses the hands mostly.

Fortunately, however, Backstrom won’t need to have any surgery and he can continue to party!

Author: Luís Felipe Rodrigues

Fundador do Washington Capitals Brasil e colunista no Friends in Cold Places. Torcedor do Washington Capitals desde os 6 anos de idade, a partir da temporada 2000-2001 jogando videogame. Founder of the Washington Capitals Brasil and a tropical contributor to the girls' Friends in Cold Places. Washington Capitals' fan since childhood, at 06 years old, from 2000-2001 season playing videogame.

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