Caps Take Nats Park by Storm

Today, just days after winning the cup the team paraded Lord Stanley into Nationals Park prior to their game against San Fransisco. And boy did they look happy…

First Ovi gladly hoisted the cup once more as to say “thank you” to the fans, coach Trotz also got the opportunity.

Next it was time for the first-pitch, and well in Ovi fashion he couldn’t do just one…you can see him putting his finger up after the failed first attempt to try again, the second times the charm!

He joined his team and the entire Nationals roster joined them on the field, it was QUITE the sight to see, all stood together for the National Anthem

Ovi made one last lap by the third base line and the guys remained in their box, hoisting the cup and letting it have its own seat to take a breather too 😉


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