Alexander Ovechkin: Our Kid Lifts the Cup

The centerpiece of the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup win has to be Alexander Ovechkin. The quirky captain is the heart of the team. He is the one who leads the team. We may not see it in public, but have no doubt, his teammates feel the challenge of keeping up with this superstar.

His is the face we love.

Watching him raise the Stanley Cup for the first time we couldn’t help but feel like he represented the hopes and dreams of many parents around the world. He was “our kid” out there. We watched him grow from a silly party boy into a leader of men, a husband, and as we hear- soon a loving father himself. We felt such pride and joy for our guy.

Many of you have had fun and positive exchanges with this famous Russian. He remains true to himself and true to his homeland- even when people in the US have been put off by his political friendships. We have always found him to be friendly. Rushed, busy, focused- yup. And that may have not always endeared him to the fans. Sprinkle on a lot of trash-talk by the media, and you might think he is a snob and unapproachable.

Some of us have had really good experiences with him. He is always very gracious with the Caps Fan Club- happily signing things to help raise money. He loves children and has reached out to help here and in Russia. Frankly, we pretty much adore him.

And we love his winning nature. That is who he is- the product of two driven people, he always strives to be his best. We have seen him break record after record as he cements his name in Hockey history. He sets a high bar for others to follow under.

This video pretty much sums it all up!

And now we get to celebrate with him on the greatest of milestones. And soon we will see the next generation of Ovechkins when he and Nastya welcome their own little one. We can’t wait to see those pictures we know they will proudly share with all of us, their ‘extended family.’

Many continued blessing be on you Alex and your family.

Your Caps Family

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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