Why we are crying about the Caps win.

Thousands of fans are sobbing, over and over again, about the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. People outside of the Caps Family just don’t get it.

Every time we watch one of those Ovechkin videos or listen to TJ Oshie talk about his dad…it starts all over again.

These are people many of us have had personal interactions with. We skate and play hockey where they do. We have taken photos with them and talked to them in the neighborhoods where we all live.

On one level we think of them as friends who we want to succeed.

That is most true for Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom who are the last of the Young Guns who brought a new generation to hockey. From the day he accepted the key to the city, Ovi has owned this town. He has led the Capitals by example. The same is true for Nicky. He is one of the most solid centers in the NHL whose skill is often overshadowed by his buddy.

This win was shear delight for them. And they made it clear that we, the fans and friends of the Caps, are a part of the win too. You have always been the Fifth Line for the team, sending energy to the ice.

That was true in Vegas when you showed up in huge numbers to support your friends.

And you showed up in DC, flooding the arena and the streets. New or old followers- the excitement for these men was nearly impossible to express.

So cry.


Scream CAPS CAPS CAPS from your cars.

And be sure to come out when the Caps have that big ol’ parade and fully paint the town ROCKING RED!!!!

Thanks NBC Sports Washington for great videos!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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