Caps Fans Fury Over Viewing Party Tickets

We have waited a long time to cheer for a Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Win from the Capital One Arena.

There were all sorts of confusing messages about the Game Five Viewing Party- buy Mystics tickets and stay, empty the Arena after the game, no tickets needed for Mystics and finally: get Viewing Party tickets for free at 1pm Wednesday on Ticketmaster.

Apparently a ton of us tried and most of the people we know, including the entire FiCP team received this message after a few short minutes past 1

A good many people reported that they sat waiting for hours for the tickets to become available only to be thrown out seconds past 1pm. That meant getting back in line and by then it was too late.

We know Charlie McManus did:

So we are a bit bitter right now. Many season ticket holders felt they should have had first dibs. We kind of felt it was a cool way for fans who can’t normally afford to see a game have the chance to celebrate in the arena. That is until we didn’t get seats.

And lots of you are pretty darn upset about it. Personally, we think the Caps screwed this one up…

So we will be hanging in the bars with a bunch of you and on the street with several thousand of you as we Rock the Red!!

See ya there!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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