What A Night for Caps Fans in DC

Yesterday I waited like so many fans until it was game time. I was so anxious all day but thankful I didn’t have to work my day job because I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done. I arrived at my other job at the Capital One Arena PWC Club early.  I usually just go inside the Vault  and stay but I couldn’t on Monday.  I just had to venture out before it was time for me to clock in.

watermarked1(2018-06-04-2010)I was sort of on a mission to find and get a selfie with Ovie The Bulldog. After walking through crowds of fans, I finally had succeeded and got my picture. I was so thrilled and thankful to his owner. I think Ovie The Bulldog is a big celebrity because I watched fan after fan ask to take a selfie with him.

I was able to get pictures of fans;  some who had traveled long distances and even over seas to come to this Caps game. As I was outside, I wanted so badly to go and rock out with my favorite music group FALL OUT BOY but I knew  I would have been late so I returned to work.

At the PWC Club. the tables were beautifully set and ready to receive the fans. I looked out the huge glass windows that surround the club to see a sea of red. The sight just left me awe-struck.

img_1550The restaurant was over flowing with fans, which was overwhelming for me but enjoyable at the same time.  I had been a ball of emotions since the Caps made it into the Playoffs. There were times I found myself crying happy tears one minute and giggling uncontrollably the next.


During a short break, I had a chance to see Fatima Al Ali and that to me was an honor. Although I wish that I could have seen my buddy Caleb Green; however, it was so crowded and busy. I know our path will cross again.

I am like any other fan: so proud that the Capitals have made it and continue to surpass everyone’s expectations. I believe in speaking what I want to happen into existence and claiming it. I tell the fans that I talk with to claim the victory, to claim the Stanley Cup because once you do that, it becomes reality. I tell the fans to repeat after me these words “We will win the Stanley Cup,”  “It will be ours!” and  “We deserve this victory.”  I truly believe that once you claim it there is nothing that can take it away/ Of course this is what I believe and what has worked for me for years.

I feel so blessed to be able to work these games at the Arena. During my many years of working as a hostess, I have met some of the most amazing fans ever and now I have the opportunity to see history in the making. It’s a truly incredible experience.


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