And They’re Off! Caps Players Head to Vegas to Chase Stanley

After today’s practice the boys were set to leave for Las Vegas in hopes of bringing home a two game series lead. But before they could leave on their five hour journey across the country Caps fans had to give them a proper send-off and that is exactly what we did. Two hours and a very red photographer later we ended up with some great photos of the boys that we KNOW you will love. So without further adieu;

Kuzy was first out the gate and looked rather confused and overwhelmed about the whole thing-he was also dressed pretty casual compared to the guys that came out later.

Even the owner, Ted Leonsis was out and about with fans throwing t-shirts!

Possibly THE CUTEST to walk today was Nicklas Backstrom and his son, Vince…

Our captain was obviously thrilled with the turnout! Ovi was allll smiles!

The boys from Hershey were having a blast giving high fives to anyone with a who was willing, and we have to say they were the difference makers in the energy department.

Matt Niskanen was looking suave, cool, and collected.

Chandler Stephenson enjoyed taking it all in and even signed for a few lucky fans!

And our ever loving German back-up goalie was thrilled!

We could not let one photo go to waste from this guy, he was so extremely happy and appreciative of the fans being there that he could not stop smiling! We love you too Dima!!

Madison Bowey was happy today!

Lucky number 13 stopped for a quick interview too!

Lars Eller seemed quite happy to be throwing out towels to fans- he was a natural!

Our other favorite Swede looked like he was fresh off the runway with his snazzy suit and killer shades.

This Aussie!!!!

TJ Oshie was handing out high-fives like they were going out of style.. and I mean that smile…

Perhaps our FAVORITE guy to photograph- because he just makes it so easy- Tom Wilson… need we say more?

Brett seemed as though he was just taking it all in.. go ahead you deserve it all

Some of our fave D’s were bringing up the rear- but made sure to make contact with the brave fans who remained outside on the hot day.

Ever worth the wait was Mr. Braden Holtby and his fashion did not disappoint…does it ever though?


I truly hope that if you weren’t able to attend today that these photos gave you a little taste of the experience!


Photos by: Brittney Marcum


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