Caps are back in it and fans are breathing again.


So the Capitals won their third game in the first round–in OT, after losing two in OT. There is a sense of relief that they won one and have to come home for a Game Five on Saturday. Just need to get through game four now.

Three games in OT?? That hasn’t left most fans feeling great about getting to the second round. So just how do y’all feel? Here’s what we’ve been hearing:

  • We are relieved to see Holtby playing like himself again- he will be back in the net for Game Four. Good to know we have two good goalies- most don’t blame first two losses on Grubi.
  • We can wait until the third period to watch since it keeps going to OT. And we would like that to stop!
  • So about those bottoms six… This is gonna take a full team effort. Now to get them working at the same time in the same game. And then of course there is the D scoring- love us some Carlson.

Lots of love for Lars Eller. We’ll take all the ugly goals he wants to dish out.

vrana closeup

Still have a thumbs up for Vrana. We love his speed and driving to the net. Not so thrilled with the penalties.

  • Pucks on goal, catch those rebounds, slip the penalties, and keep on shooting.
  • Still a lot of nervous optimism for the team. Something needs to change to move forward–of course we don’t really know what.

Look, we love an exciting playoff series. We love sitting on the edge of our seats and screaming. Mostly we would like not to feel like heart failure is around the corner every single game. So maybe they can get that two goal lead and keep it and we can celebrate a little earlier. Just a thought…

Game four is Thursday at 730 in Columbia. Game 5 is back on Caps ice at 3pm. Lots of tickets are still available.

Keep Rocking the Red!!!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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