Capitals First Round Prediction by stats

Thursday starts Washington’s first-round series against Columbus. This will undoubtedly be a hard fought game on both ends. The real question though is: who will end up winning? Stats show a lot about what has happened and what will happen. You know the saying: history tends to repeat itself. We Caps fans have seen over and over again but hopefully not this year! So what do the stats show?

watermarked24(2018-04-11-1430)The Capitals have made it to the playoffs 27 times out of their 42 season, which isn’t too shabby. The Caps first round record is 14/27, or around 52%; which isn’t amazing. However, the Blue Jacket’s numbers show a much sadder story. The Jackets have been around since the 2000-2001 season and have made it to the playoffs only three other times. All cups runs resulting in a loss with the highest number of  games they played at six.

The stats show that The Capitals definitely have a BIG chance of winning.

That’s the playoff record so what about the records when we play them in the regular season? The Caps average 3.22 goals against the Blue Jackets a game. The Jackets only average 2.75 goals a game against the Caps. In addition, this season the Capitals have averaged four goals against the Jackets and the Jackets averaged three goals against the Caps. This definitely favors the Capitals.

In the end, while the Jackets definitely look competitive–it seems like the Caps are going to win.  


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