Caps Fan For A Night

A few days ago Friends in Cold Places offered me a ticket to the last Caps game before the Playoffs begin and I accepted. I was excited because for once I would be attending the game as a fan and not working it in the PWC Club. The night before I prepared for the day. I pulled out my Scarlet Caps t-shirt, a pair of jean’s and my Caps jersey-my one piece of clothing I treasure more than anything. It has many signatures of players present and retired.

On Saturday I awoke super excited. My hubby asked me, before he went to work, if I would be working the Caps game but I told him: “Nope, I am going to the game as a fan.” As I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, I kept repeating “Today I am a fan” over and over. I know to most it might sound crazy to keep saying that but when you’re always working the games, you often wonder what it would feel like to go to a game as a fan.

That day I was letting nothing keep me from attending the game as a fan. I was out the door in a flash to watch morning skate and when I got to Kettler I visited the team store and bought a hat, scarf, and gloves.

I watched the team practice and then I stood outside in the freezing cold, teeth chattering only to see Alex Ovechkin run by me like he was being chased by Jason. Of course no other player appeared but before I left I decided to test my luck to see if I would be able to meet Tarik El-Bashir and I did, which made my day better and then I left.

I arrived early at the Capital One Arena and while I was waiting for my friends, I went into the team store to find the pom poms that I have seen so many fans walk around with. I bought a set.

I waited anxiously for the gates to open and soon as the gates open I saw fans running by me so I ran too–not sure why I’m running but you all know the saying “When in Rome do as the Romans.

I made it to where the Caps enter the ice and then I watched the clock do the count down. As I was standing at the entrance and looking at the door I began to have an “I Love Lucy” moment.

I looked at the security, then the door and I wondered if I could make it to the door before he can grab me and haul me off. I saw the door open and close, but no players and I wondered just how much trouble would I really get into. Then I wondered what I would really see beyond those doors like Wilson shirtless??? I again looked at security and then the door. I could always say I was looking for the ladies room but then I imagined my hubby standing in front of me sounding like Ricky Ricardo Velvet, “What did you do.??” So I decided it best that I not do it because having to explain why I am in jail would not have been much fun. So I waited like everyone else for the players to make their appearance. I got to welcome them onto the ice.

I made my way to my seat and I was very close to the glass. I was sitting behind the goalie net and it was heaven. As I am sitting there I began to realize just how cold it really can get in the bowl. Because where I work at the PWC Club it’s cold but not like this cold. This cold is like being in a freezer, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from enjoying the moment. I took my coat and wrapped it around me and the guy sitting beside me ask if I am cold and when I said “yes,” he says: “you need to toughen up buttercup.” Now he is also drinking beer, which I heard is good to drink in the arena. I’ve heard alcohol warms you up but had I been drinking that entire section would have got a completely different side of me they would never forget! I am used to how loud it can get in the arena but it’s a different type of loud in the lower bowl- it’s like amplified. I’m sitting and slowly getting a headache when I look over and see a few fans pounding on the glass and I know if I’m getting irritated by that noise I can only imagine how the players must be feeling. I wanted to get up and go over to them and say: “Cut that stuff out, it’s irritating.” I don’t know how these players can ignore that sound because it’s amplified along with the cheering.

I got to cheer with my pom poms and I felt like I was a Red Rocker and of course I was getting a lot of encouragement from the section I was sitting in. I also got to dance!!

I really enjoyed being able to experience what the fans experience every game. I enjoyed being able to cheer on the Caps with my pom poms like the Red Rockers. I did see a lot of my customers and I was telling everyone I was a fan tonight and it was the best feeling ever. These pom poms were a great idea that the Caps had because the fan is able to cheer on the team like the Red Rockers and that is an awesome feeling. I couldn’t put them down. I was always mindful not to try to block anyone view and to be respectful of my seat buddies.

I will have to say that section 117 and my seat buddies were so awesome to be around and made my fan experience the best. Thanks so much. You guys really made my night super awesome.

I would encourage everyone to go to at least one game because the fan experience is so worthwhile.


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