Orlov? More like Or-Love!

Dmitry Orlov is having a pretty good year. #caps need him, Osh, and Ovi to keep it up for the playoffs.

Anyone else loving how Orlov’s playing these days?

The unfortunately-mustachioed defenseman has really stepped it up these last few weeks, and while there are stats that back this assertion up, you don’t need to refer to them to see that he’s en fuego. Oh, what’s that you say? You don’t believe this fan-girl who gets the vapors from just about anyone wearing a Capitals uniform? Fine. Here’s some of those stats:He’s been pretty solid doing what the Caps pay him to do, which is, namely, defense. If we ignore the crappy game against Philly last night (which, can we? Can we just pretend it didn’t happen?) he’s been pretty consistently in the plus column for the +/- while playing some pretty solid minutes on D, according to his NHL stats.

But that’s not necessarily why we’re digging his new vibes. Lately, he’s been a pretty solid contributor for the offense, which makes us just gleeful. He’s been taking shots on goal (even took three against the Flyers in the game-that-didn’t-happen), and one even hit the back of the net against the Islanders. (That one had me doing the happy dance, which at the too-pregnant-for-words stage that I’m at, is pretty funny looking. In fact, if enough people re-tweet this article, I’ll even post a video.) He’s had nine goals so far this season, which is a career high, and 20 assists. That’s nothing to shake an Orlov-signed stick at.

So if Orlov keeps Orloving, and Oshie continues to return to his former glory, and Kuzy comes back healthy, and Ovi keeps scoring goals in and out of his office, we might even stand a chance in the post-season. We’ll cross our fingers. And toes. And eyes. Just don’t expect us to function like normal people until summer, ok?

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