The Greatest Show On Ice – Alex Ovechkin

Well, last night was full of awesomeness and greatness. It was so worth braving the cold, snowy rain just to see Ovi score six hundred. Okay, I know I am getting ahead of myself so I will take you back to the beginning before the game and before Ovi scored.

Getting the Ice Ready for Ovi to Score!

That morning I was getting ready to work my day job, and yes I have two jobs that I enjoy.

I was told some years ago by a wise and humble person that whatever you do in this life, make sure you enjoy it. Soon after I was headed to my job as a hostess and on my way there I stopped by Chipotle to get two tacos and the funny thing about me stopping at Chipotle is they know exactly what I want. Once inside I am reminded about where I am.  It’s like I miss the arena; but I don’t. I missed the ringing of the cowbells and the chanting of the fans but the coldness of the ice I don’t miss. 

As the fans started to enter Capital One Arena, my anticipation of the game increased. I was on edge for a good portion of the game just waiting with baited breath for the moment when Ovi would make history. So to make time go somewhat faster, I just went on a short walk through the arena snapping photos. I returned back to the restaurant where fans were still anxiously awaiting Ovi to make history.

img_0151I was standing next to my customer when it happened!! I couldn’t believe it at first so I waited until the replay . That’s when I slid out of my shoes and did my praise dance! I almost took off running but I had to remind myself that I was at work. If I wasn’t at work, I would have been running up and down the restaurant screaming 600 like Quasimodo in the movie Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

While I have seen many jubilant celebrations during my years of working at the Arena, this was different. It was more electric. I gathered my composure and returned back to my hostess stand and the only thought that came to me was R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly.  I don’t have a reason why.

I can’t wait to for the next Caps game to see Alexander Ovechkin, the greatest player of all time.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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