About Monday Night…

So Monday night the Caps loss was hard for me because of all the preparation I did to be able to stay up late. I was working the Wizard’s game last night at Capital One Arena and after seeing it go into overtime, I realized I had to leave. I grabbed my personal’s and ran out.

I truly believe the hockey god’s were with me because I was able to catch both of my buses in the snowy rain, which is something that never happen. I soon bust through my kitchen door yelling to my hubby “What I miss?” as I slung my purse onto the table and tossed my coat onto the floor.  

I began to do the shoe dance which landed me on the bed only to see that the game hadn’t started/  I took the time that Joe B  and Craig Laughlin were talking to get my supplies which consisted of two two-liter cokes, M&M’s, Snickers and an energy drink.

As I began to watch the game it happened . The one thing that all who have the DISH know all to well: the dreaded loss of signal. I could only scream and cry out in agony, and beg my hubby to do something about it. Of course he just looked at me and turned on his side to go to sleep, leaving me contemplate my demise.

mmAs I sat there looking at a blank screen and the two two-liters of coke I drank, the half of Snickers and the few M&M’s I had left,  I began to tweet my agony.

In the end I missed the game so I didn’t know if Ovi made six hundred.  I do now….

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  1. You did don’t miss much…..Capitals were flat and jet lagged. Holtby played terribly. Just a bad game in all aspects.

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