John Carlson: the “Sheriff” of the Caps’ Defense

This season, the Capitals have been struggling about defensive matters, which apparently the team is running up to improve in this final stretch of the regular season.


The “sheriff”, an expression we use in Brazil in soccer to denote the player mainly referenced or named in a team’s defense. That name for the Caps is John Carlson. The 28-year old defenseman has been steady in recent games, after a season lacking of steady defensive and or positive name recognition on the team.

The lack of a real named reference in the Caps defence has shown up since the beginning of the regular season. In October, the Caps played 12 games, winning just five and losing all the other seven. The team improved in November with nine wins in 14 games, ranking nine between Boston, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Toronto. Also, they started that month with three straight wins, but are still allowing many goals. The team saw a big improvement in December. Also in 14 games, the Caps won 10 games, starting with four straight wins. In January, the team started the year with three straight wins, and won six of ten games, a tight one. In February, the Caps probably had their worst month, especially in the defense this season, with eight losses in 14 games and allowing 50 goals.

The Caps have started March with a great performance against a worthy opponent, defeating the Maple Leafs by 5-1, including a Carly goal. He’s been a recognizable force in the defense and also helping in the offensive zone. In his last five games, he’s recorded six ponts (one goal and five assists). As the regular season is on it’s way to the final stretch, a solid defense is gonna be vital in order to prepare for the playoffs, as we’ve seen, many teams have improved their rosters in the trade deadline.

A good test is gonna start tomorrow, when the team will face Anaheim in the first of the three away games of the California Road Trip.

Author: Luís Felipe Rodrigues

Fundador do Washington Capitals Brasil e colunista no Friends in Cold Places. Torcedor do Washington Capitals desde os 6 anos de idade, a partir da temporada 2000-2001 jogando videogame. Founder of the Washington Capitals Brasil and a tropical contributor to the girls' Friends in Cold Places. Washington Capitals' fan since childhood, at 06 years old, from 2000-2001 season playing videogame.

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