Lars Eller through Stats

Lars Eller has been an incredible addition to the team and has helped the Caps since his arrival last year. Eller was acquired in an offseason trade for a second-round pick in the 2017 and 2018 draft. Previously Eller played on the St Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens and racked up quite a few points with them as well.Eller has scored 10 goals this season and is tied for fourth most on the team with Jakub Vrana. He has scored 6.8% of all the goals of the Capitals this past season. His highest scoring year was the 2011-2012 season when he was on the Canadiens. That season he scored 16 goals in 79 games. He is on track to score 17 goals this season if he plays all the rest of the games. He has scored 95 goals in his career.

Eller has gotten 12 assists this season. He is seventh most in assists on the team and has gotten 4.95% of all the assists on the team. His highest scoring year was the 2012-2013 when he was playing with the Canadiens. He had gotten 22 assists in 46 games. Assuming he plays the rest of the games this season he is on track to get 20 assists this year. He has gotten 108 career assists.

Another important stat points. Lars has gotten 22 points this season. That means he is 6th most on the team in points. The year he had his career high of points was also in the 2012- 2013 season. He had 30 points when playing for the Canadiens. If he continues playing the way he is he should have 37 points.

These stats all show what an asset he is to the team. Last year he was part of the most dynamic line of Burakovsky, Eller, Connolly. He has just been doing wonders for the team and hopefully, he will continue playing as well as usual.

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