The Capitals, Andre Burakovsky, and Alan May…

Things happen during Bye Week– we get a little bored waiting for Caps Hockey to return. It opens the the door for some interesting discussion.

We’ve been watching Andre Burakovsky struggle this season. He signed a two-year contract in July 2017, in part because of a money crunch and in part because of his inconsistent performance. The bridge contract is one offered when a team wants to evaluate a player’s performance before making a long-term commitment.

Our Twitter King, Chris Cleveland, took some time out from his studies at Marymount to ponder the future of Andre and ended up in a “discussion” with NBC Sports Washington commentator Alan May.Chris started with a simple enough poll, as would anyone playing devil’s advocate:

He suggested some potential for a trade:

And before too long, fellow FiCP writer Bryce Jurkovac chimed in with his thoughts and a promise to dance naked!?!!

And then Bryce invited May to the discussion and it got “interesting” to say the least:

We may or may not have been surprised by May’s comments- some of you had some reactions:

Final note from the man who brought May into the convo:

Oh wait…Alan wasn’t quite done with us. He had one more comment to Caps fan Casey:

Thanks for all your comments. It is always fun having a healthy discussion with differing opinions. We’ll see what Chris stirs up next and how things go for Burky once he gets back to playing.

FYI: Burky’s stats in the NHL to date. His performance, when healthy, clearly is in decline.

What do you think? Keep and see if he improves or trade??? What could the Caps get for him? Is he destined to follow in the footsteps of a Michael Latta or Andrew Gordon?

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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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