Capitals Working and Play at Wednesday Practice

The Capitals returned to Kettler Ice Plex after a triumph in Raleigh. They worked hard at practice but had a good bit of fun too. It was a long skate – they began arriving on the ice around 1115 for an 1130 schedule. They skated under the direction of the coaches until a little after noon. But then they continued to skate and work on their shooting skills, including some empty net shooting drills.

We had a chance to capture some great moments from practice, players interacting, some video drills. The lines that played out today are: 8-19-77; 13-92-43; 10-20-25; 18-83-39. Burakovsky was skating as the extra man.
Everyone worked hard at their drills – none more then the captain who led the charge.

The first big news was seeing Matt Niskanen skate onto the ice! Coach didn’t commit yet to his return for Friday’s game but he did sound hopeful!

TJ Oshie was skating with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom today.  he acknowledged that he isn’t playing his best yet after returning from a concussion. He said he enjoys playing with Kuznetsov and will wait and see how the lines fall out on Friday.

Coach spent a good bit of walking with Oshie today before the practice got fully underway.

Andre Burakovsky was truly working hard to day to earn a spot back in the game.

At the end of practice the coaches moved the nets closer for a shortened rink scrimmage. They had a lot of fun with it; with the “white” team winning.

And when you lose, you skate!

And when you win…

The players stayed on the ice and practiced some empty net shooting drills. Again, lots of fun.

Before it was all over, Burky and Taylor Chorney welcomed his little “fan” to ice to skate with them while mom took pictures.

Here are the remaining gallery shots, including some hot player shots and goalies at their best. Oh and a few fan shots thrown in because what is practice without fans.

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Caps will be back to practice on Thursday and we will be there….unless it snows a boatload!

final stretch

Author: Maggie Marcum

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