Capitals Join the Ladies for Hockey N Heels

On a bitter cold night in Ballston, Virginia, a few brave Capitals joined a group of ladies on the cold ice for some fun! It was time for the annual Hockey N Heels at Kettler Ice Plex. It’s a special evening hosted by the Scarlet Caps exclusively for their members. A limited number of tickets were offered to members at a cost of $80 ($70 for Capitals Season Ticket Holders).

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Ovechkin Makes Impact in Tampa

Alex Ovechkin went to Tampa this weekend to do one thing: put on a show for the fans. Being selected by the fans worldwide to captain the Metropolitan Division team, Ovi was determined to make an impact for the division, the Washington Capitals and the DMV. Here are a few things he did during the 2018 NHL All-Star Weekend:



  1. Winner of the PPG Hardest Shot Challenge. Shooting second in the order, Ovechkin opened up with a 98.8 mph slap shot. Later, P.K. Subban almost matched Ovi with a just-short 98.7 mph clapper. Already named victor of the challenge after everyone else shot and did not top Ovi’s speed, he decided that not hitting triple digits wasn’t enough. On his second attempt, he clocked in on a 101.3 mph bomb to become the 3rd forward in NHL All-Star history to win the challenge. Surprisingly, the forward to win it before Ovi was Caps alumni Sergei Fedorov in 2002.ovechkin_2018_nhlall        (Photo: NHL Network)
  2. Barry Trotz doesn’t know what Instagram is. This was quite a funny bit caught on Ovechkin’s live feed on his Instagram. He was doing a live feed behind the bench before taking the ice before warm ups where he passed coach Trotz on the way to the locker room. He told him, “Hey, I am live”, letting him know that he was recording him. Trotz ignored him and walked away with a slightly puzzled look on his face. Ovechkin then said on the feed as he giggled under his breath, “I don’t think he knows what Instagram is.”
  3. Assisted the first goal for Team Metro to… Sidney Crosby. Yes, Ovi delivered a dish pass to set up Crosby to open up the scoring of the Metro-Atlantic game. Caps fans don’t generally have the best relationship with Pens fans, but in this case there was an exception made. Rival fan-bases come together to root for their division team just once a season, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me.USP NHL: NHL ALL STAR GAME-SKILLS COMPETITION S HKN USA CA        (Photo: USAT Sports Images)
  4. Ovi and his back-checking lately. His defensive play has been a highlight for most Caps fans as of late and he displayed it for the world in the Metro-Atlantic game. He denied a breakaway from an Atlantic player preventing a sure goal. They still lost at the end of the game, but it was a very skillful move in an All-Star game as a forward.NHL_All_Star_Game_Hockey_36387-6e032        (Photo: Jason Behnken – The Washington Post)



Overall, this was a great weekend for Alex and his partner in crime Braden Holtby. Both seemed like they had a blast and hey, so did we at home watching. Now the two get to look forward to returning to business back in D.C., where they prepare to re-open the season with a tough round of games facing teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vegas Golden Knights. As always, follow us on Twitter for game updates and rants @InColdPlacesDC and mine @jurky88. Go Caps!

(Header Photo: USA Today)

In One Game, Ovechkin Has Joined Five Remarkable Lists

After three consecutive losses, the Washington Capitals have found the victory again, beating the Florida Panthers by 4-2 at BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

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Alexander Ovechkin Sets Another Milestone: 500 Assists

The Washington Capitals GR8 has done it again!!

500 career NHL Assists for Ovi!!!!!!!!!

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Lars Eller through Stats

Lars Eller has been an incredible addition to the team and has helped the Caps since his arrival last year. Eller was acquired in an offseason trade for a second-round pick in the 2017 and 2018 draft. Previously Eller played on the St Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens and racked up quite a few points with them as well. Continue reading “Lars Eller through Stats”

Caps Down Two at Home: Game Photos Habs and Flyers

The Washington Capitals have lost their last three games, two of which they played at home. Mel was in the house to get photos for you. Unfortunately there aren’t many happy moments from the games; however, we love us some player pics.

Photos by Mel: @smel18 on Twitter

The Washington Capitals have lost their last three games, two of which they played at home. Mel was in the house to get photos for you. Unfortunately there aren’t many happy moments from the games; however, we love us some player pics.

flyers hand stretch

This represented the third loss in a row for the Caps, having lost to the NJ Devils upon their return from the Bye Week. Given that there was some degree of struggle before the Bye Week, we aren’t too inclined to blame it on the break. After three games one can hardly stay with the “rust” excuse.

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A Sweet Road trip- A Photo Gallery

This weekend we took FiCP on the road yet again to our favorite Pennsylvania destination- Hershey! The Outdoor Classic between the Bears and Phantoms was set for Saturday the 19th on the coolest stage in Hershey; Hershey Park Stadium. We had such a blast and are thrilled to share some awesome photos from the weekend!

Prior to the game there was a fanfest which included signings by some of our favorite alumni!


Before the game began we caught some of the boys playing a little soccer or football on the field.


It was a littttlleeee bit chilly as you can tell:


The pomp and circumstance during the Bear’s entrance was so exciting and made you forget the temperatures even if just for a moment…


We must say though, the Phantom’s jerseys were a sight to see… we’ll let you judge for yourself.

But perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening were the mascots!

MeLVin the Phantom’s mascot was on and off “battling” with Coco the Bear’s mascot:

Capitals-Flyers Ovechkin Evens the Score

The Caps-Flyers game has had its moments. So so many times the Caps came close to scoring.

Flyers got on the board first and the Capitals kept at it. Holtby has been grand!

But it is our Captain that once again has elevated the game with a goal at the 19:43 mark. He now has 29 for the season!

Maybe he had some extra inspiration today?!

Welcome Back Caps, Here’s A Back-To-Back

The Washington Capitals get back to it after their bye-week, where all players made sure to enjoy it with their family and friends. Long awaited, they open back up with back-to-back game. First game will be played in New Jersey against the Devils, then the boys head back home to host the Habs at Capital One Arena.


The New Jersey Devils are right on the Caps’ tail at 2nd in the Metropolitan Division. They are a young, fast team with one of our previous own Marcus Johansson back in their lineup. I would look for him to make an impression on his team against his former club and help compete for the top spot in the division. The Diablos also have fearful offensive weapons like Taylor Hall and first overall 2017 draft pick Nico Hischier. The Caps will need to make sure they find their feet early and play well defensively.


The struggling Montreal Canadiens, however, are a different story. With their inability to play star goaltender Carey Price and having their main defensive weapon Shea Weber on IR, the Habs are trying to claw out any wins they can get at this point. With their recent acquisition Logan Shaw from Anaheim, I would look for them to try and find a spark with new lines and shake ups. Oh, and don’t forget about their offensive wepons Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher. This is the perfect time to try and get Andre Burakovsky back into the lineup. Caps have been rolling with the lines they have now and adding Burky could be very beneficial, especially when he is on his game. Who would sit out in order to get him in? I personally foresee either Alex Chiasson or Chandler Stephenson sitting out this game. Both have been decent on the 4th line, but both are rotatable at this point in the season.


Makes sure to tune in to both games and look out for us on Twitter for game updates and insights, @InColdPlacesDC and my personal handle @Jurky88. Go Caps!

The Capitals, Andre Burakovsky, and Alan May…

Things happen during Bye Week– we get a little bored waiting for Caps Hockey to return. It opens the the door for some interesting discussion.

We’ve been watching Andre Burakovsky struggle this season. He signed a two-year contract in July 2017, in part because of a money crunch and in part because of his inconsistent performance. The bridge contract is one offered when a team wants to evaluate a player’s performance before making a long-term commitment.

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