Poor Play from Oshie and One Reason Why

Editorial by Chris Cleveland

TJ Oshie has not been playing all that well and I think I know what’s up with him. Ever since coming back from his concussion he just hasn’t been right. I was at the game where he got concussed and you could tell it was bad right away. He wasn’t even really moving and for he was down for a long time.Concussions are a scary injury to come back from. I had a kind of bad one over the summer during one of my ultimate Frisbee games. It really mess’s with you for a bit. The first week you just can’t do a thing. You basically just sleep the whole time and are not allowed to have any caffeine at all. The major symptoms usually tend to go away after about a week but some of them stick around for a bit longer. When I got concussed in the summer I didn’t start playing ultimate again until the fall league. I had to take a bunch of time off from sports.

He has only recorded one point in the five games since his return on December 19. But let’s be honest, this has not been the season we had expected from him. Then again, that can probably be said for most of the team with the exception of Alex Ovechkin.

I am not surprised at all by Oshie’s poor play considering he’s coming back from an injury that can really alter the way you play sports. Have to  hope for the best and see if he gets out of his slump soon but I honestly think it might take a bit until he’s back to the TJ Oshie we all expect to see every night.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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