Dmitry Orlov: Canidate for Caps’ Goal of the Year

Dmitry Orlov may have potentially scored the Washington Capitals’ goal of the year. A very Alex Ovechkin-like goal, Orlov came roaring down the right side on the rush on Dallas Stars’ defenseman John Klingberg. Orlov pulled a backhand toe drag on the puck between his legs and made him look silly, turning him inside-out and forcing him to stumble hard. Always quite embarrassing for a defenseman when that happens. Orlov then went to bury it short-side, top-shelf on Ben Bishop for a highlight reel goal. Orlov’s face said it all in his celebration, “Did I really just pull that off in an NHL game???” It is still way too early in the season to declare it the goal of the year, but this will definitely be one of the top plays for sure. I personally think it will, unless someone pulls a Connor McJesus on someone while going bar-down on the goalie. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Here is a video of the goal just in case you missed it, or you just want to re live this over and over again like I do.

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