Inside The Caps Opponent : Josh Manson

When the Caps face the billed birds from Anaheim tonight they’ll have to deal with one of the best young physical defencemen in the league. At 6’3″ and weighing 213, Josh Manson plays a big game. And while he may not be as quick to drop ’em like his father (former NHL’er Dave Manson), he picks his battles and is not afraid to take on anyone. You could call him more disciplined than Dad was, maybe with more ability with the puck and skates better.

The Ducks locked up the versatile Dman for four seasons after signing him to a $16.4M last year and along with Vatenen, Lindholm and Fowler he will provide a pillar on the back end. While remaining physical, Manson was also able to suit up in every game last season proving some durability in a league where that is priceless.

The Caps forwards will have to keep their head up and expect a rough ride in front of the net with #42 on the ice. At the same time, the Caps forwards will use their creativity and speed to play keep away from the big man.

Go Caps Go

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