Inside The Caps Opponent : Matthew Barzal

When the Capitals face a very familiar foe tonight in Brooklyn they will obviously see a not so familiar young super rookie in Matthew Barzal.

If you have not see any of his goals before then you just haven’t watched the highlights from Islander games. This kid is the real deal and is going to be a pain in the Caps side for many a divisional game moving forward. While I certainly hope he doesn’t make any highlights vs the Caps I suspect a play or two tonight will leave us a puzzled as a Caps defender.

Armed with a wicked wrist shot, he shows Backstrom like poise while looking to set-up teammates and at times has be the driving force for his team( he averaged more than an assist a game during his Junior career in the WHL… Seriously) which includes all-World John Tavares as we painfully are aware. The #16 pick in 2015 has already gained confidence from his coach as he plays a strong two way game when he’s not buzz-sawing around the ice.

The Caps will have their hands full, but as they have in the past with Edmonton’s Connor McDavid, the Caps can should try and contain his speed and force him outside off the rush. He wants you to attack him so he can set up teammates. Can’t force him. He’s that good.

Go Caps Go

Photo by NHL

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