Unlocking the Secrets of Capital One Arena (Part I)


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Just you and me. Don’t tell anybody…

Ever miss the first five minutes of a period because you’re trapped in line for the bathroom or a beer?? Ever swore in frustration as the roar of the crowd echoes throughout the halls and you realize you’ve missed something important?

Well, I’ve discovered the secret to avoiding long lines for both of those things. And no, it’s not illegal, or even shady.

You see, if you are willing to traverse a few sets of stairs, the bathroom and booze lines on the second floor are almost always nearly empty. Or at least they’re way more manageable than the ones up on the fourth – or heaven forbid – the chaos of the first floor.

This is because the second floor is where the rich people gather in their luxurious suites which have private bathrooms and booze provided. Yes, that’s right. They’re like heaven on earth: a fantastic view of hockey with comfortable seats and refreshments right at hand. The one game I was lucky enough to watch from a suite was during the 2016 playoffs, and I almost wet my pants with glee…. That is, I would have if there weren’t a fancy, clean bathroom ten feet away from where I was sitting.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So. Upon discovering this phenomenon, my husband and I made a pact to never tell anyone about our sneaky little secret. If everyone knew that the second floor was the secret to all your intermission dreams, then the whole gig would be up. So don’t tell anyone else, ok?

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