There Will Never be Another Alex Ovechkin 

Ovi was named the Number One Star in the NHL after he scored two hat tricks in two games.

All summer we heard arguments for and against trading Alex Ovechkin after the Caps failed to make it past the second round in the playoffs. Some said he was too old, too out of shape and too self-absorbed to deserve the mantle of Caps Captain. We’ve heard it all before and yet we could see no good reason to trade away and asset like the Great Ovechkin. He is one of a kind!

Ovi has had a stellar career.

His awards seem never ending:

Within the Caps franchise, Ovi keeps taking the lead in category after category.

Goals – 565
Goals Created: 435.3
Points – 1042
Power Play Goals – 213
Game Winning Goals – 95
Shots – 4555
Hat Tricks – 19 (tied with Peter Bondra, at least for this week)
Goals Per Game –  0.61
Goals on Ice For – 1,358
Power Play Goals on the Ice For – 573

Ovechkin became the first player in 100 years to record two hat tricks in two opening games. It is an unreal achievement, for just about anyone but Ovi.

On January 10th, 2016 Ovechkin scored his 500th goal:

In January 2017 he notched his 1,000th NHL career point..

He is only 77 games away from playing his 1,000 NHL game. He would be the first player in Capitals franchise history to do so.

If Ovechkin is successful in achieving his normal 50 or more goals in a season, he will easily set a new record for himself of 600 goals. He only needs 35 at this point.

He is 23 points away from achieving 500 career assists.

So there are the great statistics associated with Ovechkin’s name and there is that charisma that endears him to his fans. We love celebrating his success. The crowndwent nuts when he scored his third, and then fourth, goal.

We love his goal celebrations. We love the way he celebrates his teammate’s goals. He is the leader of the team and deserves to wear the ‘C.’

Alex is many things to many people. We expect to see him give hockey his all until his last days of skating. Jaromir Jagr has shown us that where there is a will, there is a way to stay in the game.

Although Evgeny Kuznetsov is stepping up to share the spotlight,we expect Ovi to be the draw to the game of hockey in DC for many years to come. Smiling alll the way!!

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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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