Welcome Bryce to the FiCP Team 

One thing we love about social media is the people we get to meet. And some of you join us because of your love of hockey, the Caps, and sharing your views. Bryce Jurkovac is one of our followers and we have loved his tweets so much that we asked him to come on board and he agreed. We now have three gents writing with our six ladies!! 

Bryce is exiting the Army in late October and moving to North Carolina for a great job opportunity. He will have been a military combat veteran with five years total service! We are so proud to have him representing the military and thankful for his service. 

As a military brat he moved around a lot until at nine when the family settled in North Carolina. Bryce started playing hockey at 11 and starting getting into NHL games shortly after. The first game he watched was a Caps game and he instantly fell in love with Peter Bondra. He has been a Caps fan ever since! 

Caps Winter Classic in Pittsburgh

Bryce makes sure his family sits down every night to watch every Caps games–and tweets of course. Anytime they play the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, Bryce tries to make it to the games and support the Caps!

He eventually pursued the hockey dream by playing in recreation leagues, junior hockey leagues and got as far as D3 ACHA Ice Hockey for Liberty University. He brings some on-ice expertise to the blog!

In his five years with the US Army he has had three deployments; one of them a combat tour. In the combat tour, Bryce  deployed with the 10th Mountain Division to Afghanistan and worked alongside various ODA Special Forces and Navy SEAL teams. 

We now have two military folks (Luís Felipe Rodrigues is in Brazil’s Navy) writing about hockey. Bryce and Lily Rosenberg have an on-ice hockey background and can help bring their practical experience to posts. And the rest of us, well we just love hockey. 

Please welcome Bryce to the FiCP Family!!

And if you too would like to join our growing blog, just send us a message to Friendsincoldplacesdc@gmail.com and let’s chat! 

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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