Capitals Jay Beagle: What’s Not to Like

Washington Capitals third-line center Jay Beagle is one of the most consistent players on the team. When he signed his most recent contract, Brian MacLellan said: “Jay is a hard-working player who plays multiple positions and is an excellent faceoff man and penalty killer.” He is a versatile player, capable of playing wherever coach puts him.

Jay has had his fair share of injuries, including a broken left hand in 2015. The 2016-17 season was the first time he played nearly the entire season–he missed one game. This has the potential to be his best season yet, if he can remain healthy.  He should play in his 400th NHL career game, and then some. And he could record his 100th point, With a career high of 13 goals last season, he could also record a career 50 goals this time around.

The Caps need Jay in the faceoff. He continues to out-perform most of the team. He is a strong third-line player. “Faceoff prowess ” is the term most used to describe his talent. Coach Trotz certainly has a lot of confidence in this critical capability, and with all the the faceoff penalties called this preseason, the team will likely continue to rely on him.

Jay always makes us smile. He has a simple joy about him. He is often teased about his lack on technological savvy. He probably won’t even see this post–although maybe wife Ashley might! He doesn’t use social media but he is always more than willing to stop and take a selfie or sign an autograph. He has that refreshingly simple background that comes from growing up with a close-knit family in Calgary.

We hope Jay has a great season. We can only expect that he will. Lines will likely shift once the vacant spots on the roster are filled. CSN has projected a Nathan Walker – Jay Beagle – Alex Chiasson line. Time will tell.

He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2017/18 season. Beagle signed a three- year $5,250,000 contract in June 2015. His previous three-year  contract was for $2,700,000. He began his professional career in 2008 with the Hershey Bears and made the jump to full-time Capitals in 2010.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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